Title: Goodness


Pieces that explicitly or implicitly reflect Faith's philosophy of life

Title: Margaret's Small Universe


Using the fabric piecing technique called "watercolor"

Title: Turkish Beastie


Appreciation of animals from dogs to turtles and cats to camels

Title: Big Iris

Sales Gallery

Contact us if you would like to have one of these pieces. We will be giving friends and family a chance to choose a memento of Faith. Your interest in her work makes you a friend indeed and the piece you like may be available.

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Title: Sun Ra

Jewelry & Buttons

Inspiration from Faith's button jar and jewelry box

Title: Batting the Eyelash


A frequent motif: window pane grids

Title: Rain


A thousand kinds of beads and a million ways to use them

Title: Miscellany

New to the Website

Some of these are Faith's later work, and others arrived late to the website.